"I stole your eyes cause you stole mine. How does life look? Looking dark like mine."

A little about me...

Breath For the Music

Silence of the Music

I am told my love of music began in the cradle; all genres were a constant in my household. Piano lessons at age 9 led into my writing songs by age 10, and holding the local Haverhill Idol 2016 title. 

I used to be in a band called Double Not with my twin sister and had the opportunity to play area fairs, festivals, open mics, and even my first bar at 14. My sister left our band and I found myself solo for the first time ever!

Currently a college student learning everything I possibly can about my craft, and absorbing all my teachers offer. I write and produce my own music; with each new song I am learning more production details. Hoping this has noticeably improved between songs under Dia Alviva and my newest releases!

I use my creativity and craziness for stabilizing and making sense of everything that I feel and see as I grow up. I am so grateful to be able to share this experience.

I think I'm a bit boring, but some would just call me insane. Music helps fill the emptiness that I can feel inside. It is the closest thing that I have to flying. Can't wait to take flight with you!


Song List

Newest Album Medusa

Dia Alviva (EP)   Aidan Selene       MEDUSA

1. You-Who              1. Reflection                             1. Medusa 

2. Miami                2. Break All The Rules                

3. Cry                  3. Without You.                              

4. Miles Away                                                            

5. Bubbles Betch                                                       

6. Nobody